Weaving on a hand loom


Most of us remember weaving potholders when we were small, and this piece was woven in exactly the same way. After a childhood filled with those ubiquitous potholders, many years later Sunflower became my first “grown up” woven piece. The only difference between the two is that I crafted this particular loom myself, which led to some very crooked nails being pounded into four pieces of wood from the hardware store. Making it just a little bigger provided nearly limitless opportunities for creativity. No fingers were crushed in the assembly of my loom!

Weaving on a hand loom is not only portable but its very simplicity not only permits, but encourages, you to be adventurous and utilize whatever you can find that’s weavable. That is exactly how this piece was created. Sunflower was woven with yellow hardware twine, bird netting, balloons from by-gone parties, grocery store bags, paper, ribbons, pins and, of course, just a little bit of yarn!

Embellishing a felted blanket

Humboldt Journey


Today’s the day! I’ve assembled all my metallic threads and painted silk medallions in preparation for completing my piece, “Humboldt Journey.”   This is my 2nd favorite part of a project, after the initial excitement of diving in – adding the frosting that ties all the elements together.

What I love especially about felted projects is that they are reversible and you can create a counterpoint to your main theme on the back or inside, that will further emphasize the ideas you are expressing.   Machine applique and free motion quilting are two surface design elements that can add even more drama to your textile project and take it to still another level.  This added detail is a great complement to the felting process, allowing you to express another viewpoint in tandem with your main concept.

Shiva Paintstiks are easy to use and are essentially oil paint in a crayon form.  Their versatility allows you to achieve so many vibrant effects on materials you might not even consider painting on.  They are permanent and color-fast when applied properly.  Here is a link to a video made by Dharma Trading Company that describes them in detail.