1098104_607296995974996_154789667_nNancy Bisson is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in one of Ohio’s idyllic towns lying near the Cuyahoga River. She attends Kent State University where she holds an Associate’s Degree in Science, and she is also completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Crafts.  Her passions include exploring movement and color dynamics through felt-making, leaded glass, quilt artistry, garden design, and charcoal and pastel drawing.

Bisson’s earliest exhibit was at her local library when she was in eighth grade and, since that time, her work has been shown in New York City, Cleveland, and Kent, Ohio.  She receives inspiration from her extensive travels to Alaska, Central Coast California, the southwestern United States, and all things outdoors.

Bisson is an accomplished garden designer and is in the midst of planning a garden whose intended use is to provide material for natural dyes to color her wool and silks.  Returning from a recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina, she will be creating a felted piece to reflect her impressions of that trip.