About My Art

My work lies dormant in my head for a very long time before the early roots of a project are planted.  Once a tiny seed has germinated, ideas begin to soar, and can bloom wildly out of control into something with so much life it enters my dreams at night and consumes my waking thoughts.   My inspiration comes both from nature and my extensive travels through the northwest and southwest United States.  Exploring the diverse richness of the landscapes, culture, and art of our country’s native people brings a timeless quality to my work.   The natural beauty of our country figures prominently as I focus on gardens, water, and wildlife in many of my pieces.

I love to work in traditional craft methods including feltmaking, leaded glass, and chalk pastels.  Irreverent, whimsical imagery fills much of my work.   Coupled with deliciously varied materials, from batiks to wool roving, threads, dyes, silks, glass, and recyclables, these form a  palette rich with blues, greens and other “crayon box” colors.  I am primarily drawn to vivid colors and movement and use these elements to anchor my work.  A recent example is a traditionally wet-felted blanket that is reminiscent of our Native American culture.   The colors are bold and deep.  From a background of black rise the spirit skulls of our ancestors.  Metallic threads explode across the piece and provide another dimension, lending a kind of harmony to the main melody of the piece.

Life for each of us is truly a continuing series of defining moments.  Our memories of these times stack upon each other in an endless spiral to create the person who we are, today.  I seek to awaken my subconscious memories and strive with traditional craft techniques and vibrant colors to bring to the surface these emotive qualities in the viewer.   The meaning of each piece I create is intended to be personal to the viewer; I hope to touch a chord within them to allow them the opportunity for their own personal reflection.  We are nestled between the spectrum of a brilliant new future and the colored past, painted on both sides. We need to be open in order to see that it is not only our moments that shape us, but also moments from those who came before us – the shadows of their distant memories, emotions, and cultures together, layering and building continuously, inside each of us.